Current exhibition

Nie wieder und jetzt

Laura Fiorio
Jakob Ganslmeier

Graphic: Viktor Schmidt/Nora Keilig


9/5 - 21/7/2024

Curated by Julius Kaftan and Lina Kröger

"Nie wieder und jetzt" is the second part of the annual exhibition programme KANTEN UND KNOTEN


Mit Moos Geht’s Los!

Workshop series with the artist Gudrun Ingratubun in the garden of the Bärenzwinger Berlin

Art & nature, for young & old from near & far

Explore the world of plants in the Bärenzwinger and enter into an artistic dialog with nature.

This year, the Bärenzwinger is exploring the meaning of lines under the annual motto “Edges and Knots”: Where do they separate things and where do they connect? The Bärenzwinger garden is a place where lines play an important role. What is nature here, what is a monument, what is art? Is there a boundary between them? What lines connect me to the Bärenzwinger? These are some of the questions we would like to explore in this series of workshops using creative and horticultural methods.

What happens in the workshops?

We go on a journey of discovery to different plants that grow on the concrete, where the bear used to go to his scratching post. More species grow on the thin layer of soil and in the cracks than you would think possible. And there is always moss. The supposedly most “primitive” plant, moss, has an astonishing variety of forms and interacts with concrete and bricks. We want to observe and document this.

Can we still do something good for the garden? Care for it, make its growing conditions more favorable for climate change and perhaps give it some careful design impulses?

We will write our ideas on grass paper, think about the respective exhibition and practice various artistic techniques such as ecoprinting or painting with homemade paint made from elderberries. Depending on the season, we will also find plants in the garden that we can use to prepare a drink or a dish.






From 1-5 pm

Admission is free

Registration is welcome, but not required:


Cleo Wächter, Vanessa Göppner, Annika Reketat, Lina Kröger

Workshop 1: “From the moss perspective”

Saturday 20.7.24

1-5 pm

The workshop will take place in German, but can be translated if needed.

In the first workshop, we look at the Bärenzwinger “from a moss perspective”: we take a close look at the moss and other plants on the building, on the concrete floor and in the moat. We will record our new view of the Bärenzwinger by drawing the plants on grass paper and mapping them using frottage.

In this way, we will engage in an artistic dialog about how the Bärenzwinger affects us, what connects us to it and what memories it awakens. But we also look to the future together: we develop ideas on how we can support the plants in the face of climate change and provide our own impetus in this special garden.



Since September 2017 the former bear pit of the heraldic animals of the city of Berlin has re-opened as a cultural venue for site-specific contemporary art in Berlin-Mitte.

A refurbishment is soon to expand its potential uses.

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